The first Textile Cutting Machine with such degree of automation

The new MKF BR 320 has 6 double blades and 2 single blades that are easily adjustable with the Easy-Adjust System.


The textile feeder is controlled by a photocell that corrects the cut alignment in real time, aided by the system of support for unwinding, which controls the speed and stabilizes the textile during the process. This ensures that the cut is always straight and aligned.


The Reco-Tray (drawer collector of cut pieces) is automatically driven and ensures that all production is protected and doesn’t get dirty on the floor.


The control panel console has a 7 inch colour touch screen, with easy interpretation and rapid learning menus, making it possible to work with it almost immediately.

The productivity upgrade you were looking for!

Up to 7x faster than manual cut

.MKF BR 320

Cross-Cutting Automation and Double Blades


.Experient Worker Handcut

with x-acto knife


To prove its productivity capabilities, MEEVO MKF has made some tests comparing the new MKF BR 320 with manual cutting with an x-acto knife, by an experienced worker.

These results prove that the new MEEVO MKF BR 320 can definitely decrease the bottleneck between production and finishing.

Comparison 7 Panels 43 x 150 cm





Key Features


.Robust roll feeding system

.Reco-Tray - Drawer for collecting cut panels

.Easy-Adjust System

Easily adjustable longitudinal blades

.Automatic alignment correction

.Double Blades do decrease waste

.Low maintenance




.User friendly - easy to operate

.High reliability

.Productivity improvement

.Great stability of cut

.Cuts several types of materials

.Cross-cutting automation for higher productivity

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