A sewing system that doesn’t need a sewing specialist

The first textile sewing system that allows you to join automatically large format panels, joining  matchable printed images with picture-perfect precision.


The MKF MX Event operating mode is so simple that the operator does not need to have any sewing training to quickly achieve perfect results.

with the revolutionary

Clamp&Go System

Patent Pending

With Clamp&Go, an advanced Puller with a Remote Controlled Clamp System, which allows great precision in alignment, a synchronized mat and a high-end sewing head, MKF MX Event is the solution you were looking for to join panels quickly, effectively and with great quality, without having to hire a

sewing specialist.


The console’s 7-inch touchscreen display, with specially developed menus for easy interpretation and quick learning, coupled with the Remote Controlled Clamp&Go System and the synchronized mat, allow the operator to focus on the detail and accuracy of work alignment, by not having to be retained in the sewing head operation.

do more with the

workforce you already have

up to 600 linear meters / hour

 produced by an

operator not specialized in sewing

The productivity upgrade you were looking for!

Key Features


.Clamp&Go - an advanced Puller with a Remote Controlled Clamps System (Patent Pending)

.Touch screen control panel with simple and intuitive menus

.High precision synchronized mat

.Low maintenance




.Doesn’t need a

sewing specialist

.Always perfect results with perfect alignment

.User friendly - easy to operate

.High reliability

.Productivity improvement

.Compact size - takes up little space

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